The consistent publication of blogs should be part of your corporate communications strategy.

Blogs and Storytelling are essential in corporate communications.  

Blogs allow discussing specific topics in more detail through longer texts (minimum 600 words). Our blogs cover issues relevant to successful corporate communication, which should offer added value.

What distinguishes blogs from website texts?

In contrast to classic, static websites, blogs thrive on interaction. Blogs offer the opportunity to leave comments and thus engage in dialogue with the blogger and other readers. These discussions often turn blogs into exciting sources of information and new perspectives.

Writing blogs requires a bit of effort, but it offers many advantages. In addition to the possibility of developing a new communication channel with a target group by directly addressing them in a needs-orientated way in the blog, you can also prove your expertise at the same time without having to advertise it. (“Thought Leadership”)

Regularly publishing high-quality blog articles on your website leads interested parties to your website.

What makes a good blog?

Relevance and topicality: The blog’s topics must be relevant to the company’s target group and address current developments. (See also newsjacking)

– Added value: The blog content should offer added value, whether in the form of entertainment, information, or inspiration.

– Quality: The blog posts should be well-researched, informative and written without errors.

– Uniqueness: The blog should stand out from other blogs and have its voice.

– Regularity: New blog posts should continuously be published regularly to maintain and increase readership

What should you consider before publishing a blog?

– Legal certainty: The blog should comply with legal requirements, e.g. in terms of data protection and imprint. (GDPR)

– SEO: The blog should be optimised for search engines to be found in search results.