Executive level communications advisory

CEO Communication is not about communications production but communications guidance at an executive level.
Usually, a CEO works with a communications team and a PR agency, producing communications focused on the stakeholder(s). We offer comprehensive advice on how best to implement these communication strategies in your capacity as CEO. Our CEO Communications advisory is tailored to meet the needs scrutinized by its respective professions.
We work behind the scenes, offering counsel and support and helping CEOs navigate challenges using a communications program specific to your situation. We guide you in handling negative emotions and remaining calm under challenging circumstances. We are always available to act as a sounding board. Our role is to be a dedicated advisor and listener, proposing practical communications solutions in every area of your professional career.

Challenges and achievements

Today’s CEOs are essential in creating companies with strong brands that enjoy positive recognition. They are the voice and the face of a company. A CEO’s communications strategy is business-critical and growing in importance. Successful, visionary leaders tend to have exceptional facilitation, communication, and listening skills.
External communications material is scrutinised by numerous stakeholders: customers, business analysts, the media, citizens, employees, shareholders (if a listed company), government representatives, etc.

These stakeholders expect CEOs to discuss other topics besides business-related issues, for example, corporate social responsibility and corporate political activism.

Social CEO: The rise of digitalisation and the proliferation of channels and platforms
have enabled stakeholder groups to be more active and engaged. They ask for active dialogue – especially on social media. This can be a challenge and an excellent opportunity for CEOs to connect.

Interpersonal relations between CEOs and journalists
can influence the content of journalists’ reports about their company. Top executives can actively influence their company’s reputation by engaging with journalists. We guide you and provide media training.

Authentic and straightforward internal communications are increasingly important to build and maintain loyalty. Successful CEOs are usually very straightforward in how they communicate. They can listen, provide feedback and ask for it in return. We advise you on the implementation.

Most CEOs are also under increasing pressure from the Executive Board
to deliver results. Successful CEOs adhere to a ‘no surprises’ communications rule with their board members by practising open and transparent communication.

We confidentially help and advise you to overcome these communication challenges.