Are you considering an initial public offering (IPO) to open up new horizons for your company?

We advise and support throughout your IPO process – and in the time after

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a turning point for a company and can catapult it to new heights. In preparation for an IPO, it is essential to understand and implement the necessary regulatory and communication requirements and steps involved. Communication becomes critical for liability for a company as early as the point when the IPO preparations become concrete. We are at your side to advise you: from the beginning, until the opening bell rings on the day of the listing and, of course, for the time afterwards. After all, an IPO is not an end but a new beginning that presents your corporate communications with new challenges. To overcome these challenges, a well-planned communication strategy for the exchange with shareholders, journalists, and the public is essential. This will help you meet the capital market’s high transparency requirements and fulfil reporting obligations.

Not to be underestimated: the quiet period and communication rules

Particular attention should be paid to what’s known as the quiet period once a company has started the process of filing for an IPO. A “quiet period» does not mean a company must take a complete break from communication. General business communications can continue throughout the IPO process. So, if you have been conducting regular media interviews, sending out press releases, or publishing studies up to this point, you can continue to do so during the quiet period. It all depends on the topics and content.

IPO communication includes:

  • Developing and implementing a media and communication strategy, taking into consideration a stock exchange’s regulatory listing requirements.
    Without well-planned communication; no IPO will be successful. Often, the level of awareness of a company is low; therefore, media relations are critical. The geographical selection of the media is crucial in this regard, as is the type of media channel and background discussions with journalists before an IPO, both of which convey a correct and preferably positive impression of the company.
  • Developing meaningful core messages that should be used consistently to strengthen the corporate brand.
    At the heart of every company’s mission should be its brand message. It is necessary to define what constitutes the core of the corporate brand, its differentiators (USPs) and what are the key success factors.
  • Employee communication to prepare for the IPO
    While an IPO is traditionally seen as an opportunity for founders and early investors to capitalise on their vision and efforts to take the company to a new level, this step also represents a significant milestone for employees. For this, it is essential to prepare employees accordingly for the ‘dos and don’ts’.
  • Advice on the preparation and implementation of investor roadshows
    An investor roadshow is a series of presentations to potential investors at different locations in the run-up to an IPO. It is conducted by the management team, usually the CEO and CFO of a company. It usually includes a video or digital media presentation, the company’s brand promise, previous sales growth with projections and forecasts, earnings and financial performance, the investment opportunity and growth potential and the planned IPO share price target.
  • Media training in preparation for the listing
    The rhetorical appearance, storytelling, and consistent statements of the management are very relevant for the share price. Professional storytelling when dealing with the media and other stakeholders is an essential component of financial communication.
  • Media management: support and advice on communicating with journalists
    We advise and accompany you at media interviews, support you in answering general and critical media inquiries and help you build up the journalist network that is important for your company.
  • Advice and implementation of the IPO event (opening bell)
    In close cooperation with the stock exchange, we prepare all communications associated with the opening bell event so that this day becomes an unforgettable experience for you, your investors, customers, and employees.
  • Preparation and full implementation of associated “ad hoc communication” and public relations on the day of the IPO.

Tips and tricks in the pre-IPO phase

When an IPO is announced, the capital market is the centrepiece of communication (using what is known as an equity story). Months of preparation usually pass before then. Make the most of this opportunity and create the proper buzz!

How you can create sufficient buzz before going public.