Public Relations: Media contributions

This is about our media work – in other words, ‘public relations on our own behalf’. Of course, we as a company also publish news, interviews and stories or guest articles on current PR and communication topics in the media.

Is public relations necessary for a PR agency?

Media relations is integral to public relations (PR) and refers to a company’s cooperation with the press.  It opens the door to greater credibility and aims to achieve positive coverage. This strengthens the company’s profile and image.

Media relations require consistency, both in the presence and in the statements, and in the long-term effect to build an irrefutable reputation for a company’s brand. Achieving this is important not only for our clients but also for us.

Consistency and continuity in PR

Another critical effect of continuous reporting is positioning yourself as an expert. If you increasingly appear in the media with a specific topic, journalists immediately associate you with the subject. You are perceived as an expert in the field. Once you have achieved the status of ‘expert’, media work sometimes becomes self-sustaining, as journalists request assessments, interviews and explanations come automatically.

Read here what and which media write about us and on which topics our opinions are in demand. You’ll also find out which communication topics are essential to us, how we live and breathe our values, and how we address these values in international and local media.

Important to know: these are exclusively unpaid media contributions. You can find more information on paid/unpaid media here: The magic of earned, advertised and owned media – Rent A PR.

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