You rent cars, houses, and boats, so why not Public Relations and Communication services?

We are a Swiss-based, internationally active PR consultancy that offers public relations and integrated corporate communications.

Our other services include communications consulting for M&A transactions, IPOs and CEO communications.

Why are we not a standard PR agency?

We are available to you within 24 hours because we work on call 24/7 – whenever you need help with PR and communication, whether in day-to-day business or a crisis.

Customer loyalty is achieved through successful communication, not through long-term retainer agreements.

We work without long-term binding retainer contracts – therefore great flexibility for our customers. Although long-term customer loyalty is important to us. We achieve this through performance.

We offer Public Relations and communications consulting and support in transformation communications. Always with focus on your communications strategy and communications goals.

We use our professional, global portfolio of freelancers. This consists of public relations and communications specialists who support us effectively with their sector expertise, local know-how and journalist network.

Our Values

PR is not everything, but without PR, everything is nothing. Public relations is our passion. We centre our PR and communications consulting on our clients and their communication goals.

Our comprehensive PR advice is authentic, realistic, ethical and reliable. We don’t make promises we can’t keep because we use our many years of professional expertise to objectively assess what can be communicated effectively, how, when, and where. With targeted public relations work, we help effectively establish and strengthen your company in the market.

We are always one step ahead! Our commitment to you is to stay at the forefront of the industry. We are constantly evolving because we monitor current trends and developments in the communications landscape and use the latest PR techniques and tools.


Brigitte Kaps

Brigitte Kaps

Founder & CEO, Communications Futurist
Michael Neidhoefer

Michael Neidhöfer

Sr. Advisor – Metaverse Events
Rena Wisler

Rena Wisler

Member of the Advisory Board – Legal & Compliance
Andrea Burns

Andrea Burns

Sr. Advisor – Innovation, Culture,Leadership and Employees. Bestseller Author

We have no employees but work with very engaged and professional freelancers. Worldwide.

We are constantly on the lookout for professional freelancers. Not traditional PR and communications consultants who think and act in outdated structures, but future-orientated thinking and acting communications professionals: ‘Communications Futurists’.

Are you a communications futurist?

You are a critical thinker, have editorial and storytelling skills, the ability to adapt and learn new technologies quickly, and offer creative thinking with a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence. Do you like data analysis and its interpretation and, above all, have the ability to recognise and address the ethical implications of AI?

We are also looking for prompt engineers, influencers, social media managers, media experts, filmmakers, podcasters, etc.,who are flexible, highly professional and committed and want to work with us to make a difference for our customers.

Does this interest you? Then simply get in touch.

On our own behalf: media releases, podcasts, vlogs and awards



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