Our Public Relations Services

“Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics.” (Public Relations Society of America [PRSA])

We practise storytelling, but we are not storytellers. We’re focused on reaching your communication goals. We use Public Relations to create, enhance, or build your company’s brand or image through multi-channel communication, such as classical but AI-based media work, social media, vlogs, podcasts, etc.

PR and Communications strategy: We work with you on a future-oriented communication strategy, including positive, solid key messages, and translate these into exciting, inspiring stories that will differentiate you from the competition.

Humanization of AI-based texts: Artificial intelligence helps to increase efficiency in creating content and generating ideas at a high level. AI-supported communication enables digital transformation but must be humanised. Human skills that AI cannot replace, such as empathy, emotions and judgement, will be decisive for a company’s communication success. We will implement this for you.

Transformation communication: Corporate communications plays a leading role in the cultural transformation between humans and AI. Its task is to create acceptance for the digital transformation and to shape and accompany the digital change through communication in such a way that it reaches all target groups. In doing so, it should integrate its four fields of action, guidelines and vision, willingness to change, participation in the information process and storytelling. We advise and support you in this transformation. process.

Crisis communication: Crises do not adhere to business hours. Legal or regulatory conflicts, cyber attacks, shitstorms or product defects happen unexpectedly, we are always there for you. 24/7, on call. In the event of negative headlines or a shitstorm on social media, we provide you with immediate strategic and targeted advice to avoid reputational damage. We build up your corporate brand and image and maintain it through targeted Public Relations and communication advisory.

Listing at the stock exchange: Are you planning an IPO? We advise and support you before, during and after an IPO.

Merger & Acquisitions In M&A transactions we provide you with communicative support and advisory –  from the planning to the closing of the deal.

CEO Communication: Successful CEO communication has a major impact on the corporate culture, image and therefore the success of an organisation. Especially in a time of change and disruptive transformation. We advise CEOs on how to communicate successfully and effectively and strengthen their personal brand.

About us

Public relations is our passion. Our public relations and communications consultancy is pragmatic, efficient and target-orientated. Always focus on a communication strategy that promises success for you and the achievement of your communication goals. This is our top priority.

Our comprehensive PR advice is honest, ethical, reliable, pragmatic, and transparent. We do not make promises we cannot keep; we draw on our professional expertise to objectively assess what, how, when, and where something can be effectively publicised. With targeted PR work, we help establish and strengthen your brand in the market.

Our clients in the media

Our focus in media work is on ‘earned media’- that is, a media presence that we have achieved for our customers through interesting content and exciting stories, in cooperation with journalists and the media.