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Rent a PR launches Rent AI PR and announces cooperation with Catapult Solutions Ltd, UK.

Strong focus on transformational, humanised and ethical AI communications and creating an AI-enabling culture for organisations.

12 June 2024

(Zurich) Rent a PR, an international PR agency advising technology and financial organisations in PR and corporate communications, including M&A transactions and IPO communications, announces its next growth strategy step: the launch of Rent AI PR.

The extended range of services includes transformational communications advisory and support for large corporations and SMEs, development and execution of AI-based corporate communications strategies, Prompt engineering for corporate communications and humanisation of AI-based texts, development of ethical strategies (internal and external communication), including humanized storytelling in media work, branding and client communications, multi-channel communications in media relations and together with Catapult Solutions Ltd., the creation of an AI-enabling culture.

What does an AI-enabling culture stand for?
• It holds the correct core values that drive ethical AI usage and align with a company’s goals.
• It develops talent with the cognitive diversity and skills to harness AI effectively.
• It has the proper risk management in place to mitigate the potential downsides of AI while maximising its benefits.
• It develops career paths that empower employees to grow alongside AI advancements.

Brigitte Kaps, CEO and Founder of Rent a PR, says: ‘The disruptive nature of digital transformation impacts companies’ structure, strategy and culture. This transformation requires appropriate corporate communications. In addition to the communicative requirements, with Catapult Solutions, we have a robust and experienced partner who will successfully help organisations and management through the transformation process and create an AI-enabling culture. This cooperation is a significant step in our international growth strategy.’

Catapult Solutions focuses on AI integration and strategy development, talent assessment and development, cultural transformation, risk management and ethical AI in organisations. The UK-based company is leveraging the groundbreaking research of Nobel Prize-nominated Dr Robert S. Hartman in value science. Its precise and objective profiling tool, Axiometrics®, helps organisations define, analyse and develop a culture that enables the best of their people and AI to drive better business performance.

‘It is important for organisations to understand that they don’t create an AI culture but an AI-enabling culture. This requires core values, proper risk management, ethical standards, career development to empower people and proper communication. We are excited to cooperate with Rent a PR to create for organisations a robust AI culture ecosystem that not only adapts to change but thrives in it,’ comments Andrea Burns, CEO and Founder of Catapult Solutions, bestselling author of Good Culture: Align your people, profits and purpose for the greater good.