We’re going to have our digital twins, and that’s going to enable a lot of fun and efficiency.

– Cathie Wood, American Economist, Gründerin & CEO of Ark Invest

The Metaverse is a virtual online world where real people can use avatars to connect, play, work, communicate and socialise. It’s the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

‘Metaverse’ is a term coined by Neal Stephenson (author) in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. It comprises the words ‘meta’ and ‘universe’. He imagined this metaverse as an immersive virtual world parallel to the real world.

The Metaverse is gaining attention as a new platform for entertainment, business, events and socialising. It allows messaging in an online world where real people can connect, play, work, communicate and build relationships via their avatars. It is the convergence of the real (physical) world and the digital world.

Similar to SaaS (Software as a Service), Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) enables companies to build and maintain a presence in a virtual world without setting up and maintaining their own systems. We offer you press conferences in the Metaverse through our business partner

Connect to journalists, investors, communities, and influencers – globally.

In the future, modern communications will rely on strategies and experiences that encourage audiences to build long-lasting relationships and communities. The Metaverse will play an important role in this. It will become an integral part of how humans communicate and engage in a borderless and seamless way.

Benefit from the advantages of press conferences in the Metaverse

Hybrid events mean your location is irrelevant; they can be run 365 days a year and can reach not just a few hundred but an unlimited number of participants. In addition to high efficiency and sustainability, the focus is on the immense potential of the brand experience.
Experience virtual communications and collaboration through avatars in highly realistic 3D environments, manage real-time content and work online from any smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or VR headset.
Turn your press conference into a 360-degree experience for journalists, investors and customers. During a press conference, you can guide journalists through one of your plants or factories and make your product, and thus your brand’s potential, tangible.

Can you imagine combining real events with the possibilities of online communication with your target groups and virtual and augmented reality?