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Essential for your company’s success 2024: a proper review of your internal communications strategy

It is no news that a well-working internal communication strategy is vital for an organisation’s success. The last few years have transformed how we work — and our relationship with work. The rise of remote working is the most notable shift, but there are far more changes.

Besides the fact that many employees prioritize employers who put employee well-being first, share their values, and provide them with learning opportunities, they prioritize employers who communicate transparently, openly, and authentically. To fulfil these requirements, it is vital that companies review their current internal communication set-up and channels and put efficient communication tools into place.

Team communication is one of the prime areas where friction losses reign supreme. Employees waste significant amounts of time on inefficient internal communication. That’s a painful drain on productive work time.

If you want to increase your company’s employee engagement, focus on improvements to or optimisation of your internal communications strategy.

Chat messaging instead of email usage

Communication methods like voicemail, paper memos or even email are no longer “trendy”; instant access to information is key! 51 % of employees prefer instant messaging apps such as Slack, Monday, etc., to give them immediate access to information and support from leadership. They are also the best platform for an ongoing dialogue and ideal for expressing complex ideas. 

Employees are much more likely to grasp your messaging when it’s conveyed with appealing videos, infographics or images instead of long texts.  67% of employees are better at completing tasks they learned about through text, videos, and images.


Keep information short and simple; write short and meaningful messages, get to the point and make the information easily digestible. As we live and work in a “mobile-first” world, ensure the information is adapted to mobile usage.

Email is still one of the most common forms of communication and plays an important role when we focus on email marketing trends in 2024.

Increase the efficiency of internal communication

Some workflows can be automated or sped up by using artificial intelligence, such as

creating meeting summaries and To-do items, adding automatic proofreading tools, and generating transcripts of team meetings.


Better internal communication develops over time, so it’s a good idea to take it step by step – a more iterative approach.