Wie Sie die LinkedIn Seite Ihres Unternehmens zum Strahlen bringen

How to make your company’s LinkedIn page shine

This is no news: LinkedIn started as a powerful brand-building tool, with companies and their HR teams using the platform to optimise their reach and recruit exceptional employees. Recently, as controversies surround other social media, it has become the top-most social site for professionals to network and organisations to find business, become thought leaders, and find a potential network of customers, stakeholders, and influencers for their brand. Many CEOs use LinkedIn to establish themselves as thought leaders and authority figures in their respective industries.

With more than 58 million company profiles on the platform, competition is stiff, and it isn’t easy to ensure that your company page is something that future customers and employees will follow.

That can change if you have the right LinkedIn strategy in place. Here are a few ways to ensure that your company’s LinkedIn page is exceptional:

  • Make sure all sections are in place –To create the right impression, it’s vital to ensure that areas like the Company Overview page are complete with your mission, vision, and goals. A logo and a rich media header are also essential elements of the page that will grab eyeballs and lend credibility to your company, assuring visitors that they have reached the right place. Additionally, make sure you include your website details, physical location addresses, and job information if you’re looking to hire recruits. LinkedIn pages also have a Life tab which you can use to showcase what the work culture at your organisation is like.
  • Become SEO-friendly – Your LinkedIn page is a window into your company. SEO-optimized phrases in your company description will help your company’s page pop up in Google searches. To boost your rankings in search, use short and succinct words with targeted content and relevant keywords for your business. As leaders, add your company’s LinkedIn page to your email signature and encourage other employees to do the same to increase visibility.
  • Grow your audience – As with most social media, your company’s LinkedIn page will see more traffic once you post regularly. According to Hootsuite, weekly pages have 5.6x times more followers than monthly posts. This is great for brand building and perception and growing your audience. It’s also a good way of establishing yourself as a thought leader when you post relevant, timely articles about something important in your industry. However, don’t just settle for text-only content. Use rich media to break up the textual clutter and add visual variety for your audience. Native videos with captions are an excellent way to draw attention to the company’s LinkedIn page.
  • Host virtual LinkedIn events – Virtual events are more common than ever, thanks to the learnings of the past two years. Since LinkedIn pages allow you to host virtual events like webinars and live videos, it’s the best way to ensure real-time engagement between your company page and the followers. You can host events related to your industry or around certain vital situations you want to highlight. The lead-up to the actual event can also help generate buzz around your company profile.
  • Create a LinkedIn newsletter – A newsletter is one of the best ways to connect with your audience; it doesn’t take much time to do it on LinkedIn. It’s simple, free, and your followers get notified, asking if they want to subscribe. While a newsletter on LinkedIn is not the same as an email newsletter, which has recently gained popularity, the format is not far behind in getting results. LinkedIn newsletters that share employee stories or challenges or give teamwork lessons are popular on the platform. You can also repurpose content from your blog and redirect the newsletter to lead your readers to your website. Win-win.

LinkedIn has a vast global audience and is considered to be one of the most trusted social media platforms for businesses. Several people visit your company’s LinkedIn page for various reasons, whether they’re hoping to find employment or to have a better idea of what a company stands for.