Gute ESG Kommunikation benoetigt wichtige Botschafter

Efficient ESG communication needs important ambassadors: your employees

Your communications managers are usually very familiar with your company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, as this topic requires communications support in all areas.

In a business context, the practical implementation of ESG goals concerns the sustainability of a company’s business model, i.e. how a company’s services and products contribute to sustainable development.

Communicating ESG goals is easy; successfully implementing ESG goals is the hard part.

ESG communication is usually handled in isolation within an organisation. An organisation’s social media or community relations departments are trained to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the company’s target groups about ESG efforts, whether in a personal conversation, via the website, in a chat, or on social media channels.

The investor relations department knows precisely what investors think and how to talk to them about your ESG efforts. This is reflected in their investment loyalty to the company. Thanks to regular dialogue, investor relations know the motives behind investments.

A company’s employees are among the most important and often underestimated ESG communicators.

Employees act as brand ambassadors for their organisation in their daily professional activities. Take the opportunity to turn them into ESG ambassadors by giving them updates on your ESG projects in regular conversations or via internal information channels (newsletter, intranet, town hall meetings, etc.). Your employees can and will pass on the best practices you describe. This happens unconsciously, whether in conversations with family, friends, acquaintances, customers, or service providers via their private social media channels.

Organisational change starts with aligning priorities and changing behaviours.

Continuous internal ESG communication provides a reasonable basis for inspiring employees and increasing their loyalty.

Motivated employees make a significant contribution to the success of your organisation. This is a win-win situation, not only for your company but also for the environment and society.