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Trust plays a crucial role in any organisation. Communication is critical to build trust with your stakeholders, be it employees, clients or customers. A strategic communication plan, executed over years, can help you earn trust of your stakeholders. Within the organisation, it gives employees a platform and engenders a feeling of belonging, which leads to lower attrition rates. With clients and customers, it ensures long term business viability. With stronger communication networks, there can be more fruitful discussions regarding plans of action which eventually leads to building stronger relationships with employees and stakeholders. As renowned marketing maverick and author Seth Godin says, ‘Earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest’. 

A fundamental part of communication is often handled by your PR department or PR associates. But a CEO takes an increasingly important role in building a company Working in tandem with them ensures that you cover all your bases and build the right sort of culture that you want your company to epitomise.

Here are five  ways in which you can grow trust in your company.

  1. Increasing dialogue – A healthy dialogue is essential for building trust as it allows people to understand different viewpoints and perspectives of team members. However, it is only helpful as a communication tool when it is accessible to everyone. And although it’s a basic process, it often gets lost among discussions where nothing fruitful ever emerges. For a successful two-way dialogue within the organisation, you have to create an ecosystem that allows for it. If you want dialogue to take place in an organic manner, it has to be organised through various communication channels which your PR associates can help you with.
  2. Transparency – Transparency is more important than ever now, with employees and society holding it in high regard when it comes to their organisations. However, it’s important to remember that transparency comes in varying degrees. Though all management decisions cannot be made transparent, an honest flow of information from management to all stakeholders builds trust.Transparency can be built by creating an environment where there can be conversations between management and employees regularly, allowing people to ask questions freely.  When people trust they have the required information to make informed choices allowing them to they can do their work better.
  3. Open to Feedback – Customers and employees who feel empowered enough to offer feedback to the organisation are more likely to keep with you. According to a recent study, employee engagement has declined all over the world and this is cause for concern indeed. The only way to combat this is by ensuring that communication channels are open, and employees are encouraged to offer feedback in an open and honest manner. This leads to better employee morale and increased job satisfaction.
  4. Walk the Talk – Walk the talk implies that you have do show in action what you expect of your employees. It has become even more imperative for managers and leaders to align their words with corresponding action and to ensure that their behaviour integrity is uncompromised. Employees and stakeholders are watching them and if they lose faith in the organisation, it can go a long way in losing respect and even loyalty. Clear cut communications even when the times are bad helps in alleviating fear and combats rumours, building respect among employees.
  5. Respect other people’s time – If your communication strategies are streamlined and exhaustive, it ensures that everyone knows what they need to do. Then, you can avoid unnecessary meetings which waste everyone’s time. Trust in an organisation goes up when people realise that their time is valued and their inputs are taken seriously.

Only through effective communications can there be an environment where trust thrives and grows. A PR partner can help in crafting various communication aides to ensure that the core of your organisation remains rock solid and strong.