M&A communications consulting in all phases of a transaction

Professional communication plays a crucial role in successfully implementing an M&A transaction. How do you inform your employees, customers, suppliers, and capital market about a planned M&A deal?

The best of both worlds: Corporate finance meets PR and communications consultancy with investment banking expertise

Thanks to years of professional experience in banking (corporate finance/mergers & acquisitions), we offer the best of both worlds: extensive know-how of M&A processes and years of communications consulting experience in complex processes at the management level.

Whether share deal or asset deal, we advise and accompany you through all phases of an M&A transaction: before, during, and afterwards. And when different corporate cultures have to be brought together, too.

Dealing with uncertainties: During an M&A process, there is usually a lot of uncertainty and anxiety among employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Professional and effective communication helps to manage this uncertainty and reduce fears.

Maintaining morale: Merger and acquisition activity can disrupt employees and day-to-day work processes; uncertainty about the future can lead to a decline in morale and productivity.

Retention of key talent: During an M&A transaction, employees feel uncertain. Communication can help retain top talent.

Build and strengthen trust: Trust is essential for both parties to work effectively towards a common goal. M&A transactions involve a certain amount of risk. Trust-based communication is essential to manage the risks associated with the transaction successfully.

Consistent communication: This with a focus on the strategic direction, impact on the existing business model, growth and revenue prospects, synergies, and technological aspects.

Avoiding legal issues: M&A transactions can be complex. If not communicated correctly, this can lead to legal problems.