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The current world situation is unprecedented and unforeseen. Countries all over the globe are grappling with the new normal, coming to terms with how they can function in the current scenario because of the Coronavirus pandemic. With countries heading into lockdown, businesses are seeing an impending and unavoidable crisis unfold before them. As a leader it’s imperative that you allay the fears of your employees and maintain communication with them, to ensure that everyone can jump back to their feet once things become better. Planning out your communication strategies with your PR partners can be a good way to prepare for any crisis, and it’s a good idea to consult them before implementing them.


Here are a few ways you can motivate your employees during this difficult time.


  1.   Communicate frequently – Working from home is now the norm, and it’s more important than ever to continue to keep lines of communication open with employees. It’s the only way you can boost their morale and convince them that everything is going to be fine. Productivity increases with better communication and employees need to feel like they are still a part of the organisation. While nothing can replace the coffee conversations and lunchtime banter which often forms a huge part of workplace culture, assuring your employees frequently helps them focus on the job at hand. Do general meetings using conference tools and keep channels of communication open.
  2.   Alleviate Fears – People are facing legitimate fears about losing their jobs at the moment and it’s a traumatic time for most sectors. Communicating to them, convincing them that their jobs are secure will go a long way in alleviating their anxiety, and help them do their work better. When people don’t think their future is uncertain, they will perform better. It is also important to communicate to them about the need for staying healthy, remaining focused, and using preventive caution.
  3.   Empathise – This is a stressful time, and if you can engage with your employees at an emotional level, you will be able to secure their loyalty. People are confused and unsure. If you empathise with them and show them that you’re an able leader, and you can guide them forward, it will alleviate their fears. Employees need someone with emotional maturity and you can truly step up and fulfil your role as a leader now.
  4.   Offering Benefits – Several companies have emerged as life savers for their employees by offering them a number of benefits, ranging from paid leave to offering wellness programs and even mental health benefits. You need to consider offering benefits to suit this new age that we find ourselves in. Benefits now will have long term positive ramifications that will bond your employees and you together, leading to lower employee turnover in future.
  5.   Vision for the future – Employees want to know that there’s a calm and consistent leader at the helm, who has a definite vision for the future, even in troubled times. Sharing your vision, frequently and sensibly is important as it brings together a common goal. It also demonstrates your leadership acumen and helps create the right kind of narrative about your company.


It’s a long wait ahead but giving up on hope is not an option. This has to be frequently communicated to your employees through all mediums. Be consistent and clear in your communication and your employees and you can get through these difficult times.