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The world produces a stupendous amount of data – as much as 2.5 exabytes every single day. For startups and mid-sized companies, the struggle to make themselves heard and seen is real. Though advertisement helps, companies can leverage public and media relations to stand out in this crowd. PR is significantly more valuable as it is more cost effective, and builds credibility and trust. Here are five ways in which you can use PR to stand out from the crowd.

  1.   Learn from your audience – To understand what your audience needs, you have to listen to them first, so remember to include extensive customer feedback avenues in your PR plan. When customers can reach out to you with their pain points, you will be able to address them better and create a positive experience for them which will ensure loyalty and customer stickiness. Testimonials from customers also helps cement your credibility, as your customers become your brand ambassadors. After all, PR is not just media relations but also includes customer-centric public relations.
  2.   Develop your expertise – One of the best ways to become renowned is to do your job and do it well. If you focus on your expertise and establish your company or its founders as experts in the field, it increases your chances of being invited to talk about your area of expertise or even write opinion editorials for media houses if so required. Sharing your expertise not only establishes your reputation as an authority, it also increases your professional value.
  3. Be useful – Some of the most successful ways to widen PR scope of your company  is by being useful to your audience. Whether you choose to blog, create podcasts, make videos or vlogs, there’s always a better chance of directing traffic to your website if people find your content useful even if there’s just a tangential connection to your product or service. To increase organic traffic to your website, the focus should be on publishing relevant and useful content regularly.
  4.   Reinvent yourself – To stay ahead of the competition and get noticed, you have to reinvent your brand every now and then. Offering something new to the customers, whether it is a new product, a process or adopting new technology to provide a good experience helps you stay relevant and also exciting to customers.
  5.   Do some good – Corporate social responsibility is meant to inspire employees and corporates to become more socially conscious, although some might feel that leveraging it for PR is not apt. However, according to a study in 2015, consumers want companies to be more responsible and they are likely to move away from a company that follows irresponsible business practices. The important thing to remember is that CSR helps in strengthening the company’s positive image in the market.

PR helps create the right brand narrative around your company. Tell your story, like only you can.