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As 2018 draws to an end, tech trends have made it obvious that Artificial Intelligence is not out to replace people but to work with them to create more compelling stories that will eventually benefit everyone. We’re already using AI in so many different ways – Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Slack to name a few. But AI has also made significant inroads into PR, helping start-ups create the right kind of narratives that will help increase customer engagement and result in brand stickiness.

Here are five ways in which AI can complement PR to tell better brand stories.

  1.  Better social interaction – One of the key features of PR is focusing on the social element, driving the connect between the customer and brand. With AI, brands are now using smart chatbots in a number of ways – customer service, feedback acquisition and conversational marketing – all of which help create lasting customer relationships. AI is helping pave the path to build a deeper connection with customers, expanding PR efforts significantly.
  2. Audience Insights – Buyer experience and trying to understand what consumers need is one of the key factors in marketing. AI can be programmed to read the audience better and predict interests and focus on upcoming trends and conduct bias-free research at the same time. AI can thus help PR in creating personalized campaigns that offer relevant messaging, delving into what consumers really want.
  3. Automating tasks – An important part of PR is trying to understand the industry, looking at trends, going through news, monitoring media etc. Using AI to automate the mundane jobs and using predictive analytic tools leaves valuable employees free to focus on building the brand and create leading stories about them in the media.
  4. Sentiment analysis – Humans are complicated and sentiment analysis which is used to track psychological trends, gauge reactions, understand emotional responses and interpret tones can be equally complicated. AI can be used to accumulate and assess ratings and reviews to improve customer satisfaction which will in turn reinforce the brand’s value to the customers. Automated systems today are capable of interpreting context and understanding true meaning, so that relevant stakeholders can determine sentiment easily.
  5. Improved storytelling – Language is what controls PR and drives brand recognition. Using AI to scan news coverage and tailor content to suit what journals and publications are looking for is a great use of AI. There is an immense amount of research being done with natural language processing (NLP) techniques and this can definitely create a positive scenario for brands. There are also AI tools that can convert data into publishable stories which can be used to generate more content for the brand.

AI combined with human skill sets can go a long way to change and reinforce brand image and create brand strategies that will positively influence customers and buyers. Indeed, it does seem like AI has stepped out of the pages of science fiction and has incorporated itself into our lives with stunning ease.

Tags: PR, automation, AI, audience insights, chatbots, brand narrative.