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Brand positioning, or the place your brand occupies in the minds of your targetted audience, is an essential activity for your startup. This is especially required for startups that offer distruptive technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, or big data startups working with machine learning and artificial intelligence or robotics. A simple narrative, a key to brand positioning, can go a long way when few outside the system, including businesses and funders, understand what the startup is trying to achieve through business.


Public Relations is often considered to be synonymous with crisis management but the gamut of options it covers is much more. Most often, enterprises do not consider the option that  a good PR strategy allows them to set the narrative and create a brand persona which will attract investors and customers alike. Strategic public or media relations, through targetted media interviews, features and articles, becomes an important enabler for disruptive startups who want to create a persona for their brand and demonstrate their technology and how they are viewed by the outside world.


Here are three reasons why PR is crucial for brand positioning:

  1. Building a brand narrative – A narrative is a powerful story that helps in positioning your brand vision, lending value to it and generate interest around the brand. A narrative is an important differentiator for your brand today, not only for your future consumers/clients but also to attract funders at an initial stage, as well as to plan marketing and communication strategies. Crafting a narrative around your brand, builds up recall value, attracts investors and exponentially improves word-of-mouth and viral marketing avenues. Public Relations furthers this agenda by creating powerful narratives in the minds of targetted, important audience. This enlivens your brand and improves chances of recall be it in the minds of your clients or funders.
  2. Establishing the brand as an industry leader– Through well-placed interviews, and narratives over social and traditional media, strategic PR can build the brand’s image around a concept, establishing your brand’s authority in the industry. This  helps funders and other businesses gain an understanding of what the startup’s technological strengths are and attracts the right audience for collaboration, be it investors or peers. A strong brand image also aids in acquiring clients and consumers.
  3. Make technology more accessible – What are the possibilities of blockchain? How can artificial intelligence in smart homes help ease people’s lives? The best brands are the ones that explain what they’re doing simply and effortlessly. Technology can be a difficult terrain to explain to the business or your consumers. Strategic PR can help brands make their technology more accessible to non-tech population, leading to possible partnerships, collaborations and media coverage in future. The right communication of your brand’s technology also aids in increation user adoption and conversion.


Strategic Public Relations helps brands and enterprises take the right step forward and differentiate what they’re doing from their competitors. PR is a charged initiative that allows enterprises to create the perfect  narrative that aligns with their business goals and leads to success. For this, startups need the right strategic PR advice to help them explore and maximize their potential.