Startups often suffer from a low degree of recognition. Professional PR (Public Relations)  is a must for entrepreneurs and startups that want to get their business ideas into the public eye. However, it is often difficult for startups to properly position themselves and their story in the media due to a lack of financial resources and PR expertise.

Even as a highly experienced PR professional, it is challenging to create a leading story about an unknown brand in top tier media.

For a startup, it is always important to raise awareness of the brand and services; an engaging business story and good PR can support this effort. Using Richard Branson’s words: ‘Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.’

A lot of PR agencies don’t even take a second look at startups, mainly for budget reasons. This is ok – but not helpful for those who really need the PR recognition: the startups.

By creating Rent a PR and recruiting a team of experienced PR/ communications professionals, we want to share our PR experience and make PR support for startups available and affordable. For those startups that are interested in getting a better understanding of PR we offer our Rent a PR seminars. We look forward to supporting you. There is no flight without wings!

Brigitte Kaps

CEO & Founder

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