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In an increasingly digital era, especially one with social distancing norms in place, it has become imperative to maintain and build connections with customers. Every organisation needs loyal customers who will adopt your brand and the story that it showcases, taking it forward and making it their own. But getting consistent customer engagement that also makes your brand memorable, needs a strategy and has to be planned out in advance, preferably with your public relations representative. In fact, a boutique PR agency doesn’t just help in putting out fires and maintaining your public image but also fashions the narrative that you want to put out there about your brand.

Personalised Experience

Customer engagement takes place when there is commitment towards your brand. But to achieve this, you need to build your brand into one that customers don’t just identify with, but also own. A personalized customer communication experience helps in creating trust between the customer and your organisation, wherein customers find themselves appreciated for more than the economic value they bring. Research from an IBM report from the Institute of Business Value showed that 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and this cuts across all kinds of organisations. AI is being used in numerous businesses as it helps create a seamless experience for customers.

Customer Reviews

Another optimal way to build customer engagement is by encouraging reviews from customers as they have an impact on the business. Online reviews from customers can be emphasised and leveraged to add value to the branding but also as a way to welcome potential customers into the fold. According to research by BrightLocal, 97% of customers looked at reviews before making a decision about whether or not to give their business. Collating customer reviews and using them as part of your marketing can help in cementing your brand effectively.

Involve Customers

Connecting with customers has to be a top priority and even though in-person events are not viable right now, digital platforms can bridge the gap easily enough. In fact, going digital has actually made content accessible to people irrespective of where they are and this helps in driving a deeper connect between customers and your organisation. Taking this connection a step forward can be done by involving customers in your campaigns. While rewards and perks might help increase customer stickiness, an intangible benefit is that these richer experiences drive a deeper connection between you and the customers, and add immense value to them.

Using Social Media

Businesses that use social media effectively, as an engagement tool and not just a platform, can also help drive customer engagement forward. Effective digital marketing content brings in new customers but also reinforces the bond with existing customers. Businesses are now looking at creating more interactive content which will help develop deeper connections with customers.

Customer engagement has to be consistent and ongoing and with the help of a strategic public relations plan, you can maximise your brand and forge stronger connections with your customers.