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Every organization needs media coverage for various reasons, whether it is to boost public image, or for branding or creating brand visibility. Website visitors and social media presence also matter as these create an all-encompassing brand package which creates positive impact. But as any competent PR representative will tell you, there are two kinds of media that you can choose from, based on your requirements. These are paid media and earned media. Let´s take a deeper dive into it.

Paid Media

As the name suggests, you must pay for this sort of media coverage. This is not exactly advertising but a more subtle form of it. This includes advertorials or sponsoring sections of a business magazine which can lead to CEO profiles or interviews. Paid social media is also commonplace now because of the vast numbers of users and the possibilities of reaching out to people through social media is extraordinary.


  • With paid media, the advantages are distinct. You get for what you are paying for. Your PR personnel ensures that the story is told your way. Your advantage is that you are in absolute control of the narrative that goes out into the world, including the timing of the release.
  • Thanks to big data and AI, you can target your potential audience, customers and clients with ease which leads to brand awareness and increased traffic.


  • Paid media comes out of your marketing budget and might not have the impact that you are expecting.
  • Perception among consumers about paid media can be a little skewed and this could change its reception and lower the credibility of your brand.

Earned Media

Earned media can be enormously powerful. We can put you on the right track to get media coverage without paying any money. However, this is not easy. As your PR advisors we must constantly be on the lookout for possible situations where your organization can be mentioned, or your CEO can be interviewed.  We must cultivate our relationships with journalists and ensure that the latter will turn to us when they need an industry voice. This is what we do. We also need to delve deep into your new projects and see a narrative that will interest journalists.


  • Organically published pieces in the media can have a lot of positive impact and lead to brand visibility and credibility. It also adds a certain sense of legitimacy to the brand and increases exposure. With us, you can develop the right narrative for your brand that is newsworthy.
  • Earned media is less expensive and sometimes even free. A write-up about the CEO of your company in a renowned magazine or website can bring much visibility to your brand and it costs nothing if your PR advisory has cultivated a good working and win-win relationship with the right journalists.



  • Earned media is not easy to achieve and even after your PR representative has pitched to a journalist multiple times, it may still not lead to anything. It depends our relationships with the media. So it could be a lot of effort that gets wasted when there are no results, if you don´t work with a professional PR advisor.
  • Earned media if not done well, can also be negative, which can lead to a difficult situation.
  • It is also not easy to track earned media because it takes extra work to measure website traffic, understand and parse the Google rankings information and get insights on just how well the PR campaign has worked.

Both paid media and earned media have their distinct advantages and drawbacks and deciding which to choose can be quite confusing. The right PR team can help you decide which option would be better based on what you need for your organization right now.