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In an uncertain world where rules keep changing and ground reality is constantly shifting, it has become imperative for businesses to evolve, so they can keep up, survive and flourish. This doesn’t mean that the role of PR and its value can be negated or side lined. Especially during these difficult times, PR can go a long way in quelling uneasiness inside the company, with employees and managers, and outside the company, with investors and stakeholders. However, a flexible PR agency can be a better option for your company. Let’s take a look at how this is possible.

  1. Increased focus – Companies have to be tuned in to what’s happening around the world so they can respond rapidly to circumstances as they evolve. With flexible PR, companies can shift the onus on responding effectively and swiftly to the PR agency while they continue to focus on their core competencies. An external PR consultant is also free from internal politics which can be debilitating and affect the company adversely and they can offer objective solutions which can go on to create good PR for your company.
  2. Competitive Pricing – Flexible PR doesn’t cost as much as having an in-house PR division because you do away with hiring, training and retaining costs. A boutique PR company that is hired for a specific period can prove to be more cost effective because they work on a project to project basis instead of expensive retainers. They can also quickly grasp the various factors involved to build the right narrative about your company, in good times and bad. The biggest advantage here is that they can begin right away and there is no need for HR to intervene, so that your company gets the best possible PR solutions without any delays.
  3. Unpredictability of business – With the shadow of the pandemic still looming over us, businesses have to be prepared for unpredictable times ahead. It’s not possible to foresee some of the business developments that might take place, and hence responding to them swiftly is better handled by PR consultants who can work according to the needs of the company. Also, a flexible PR agency is better spread out and they know the market more closely, leading them to have a good idea of the competition so there’s little chance of stagnation.
  4. Wider Reach – A PR agency will have more contacts with journalists and media as they work with them for multiple companies and clients. You can leverage these established relationships which will give you a wider reach and better exposure. Along with that, you can also benefit from the energy and fresh ideas that an external agency can bring and with their expanded network of contacts, you can also maximise opportunities for your own organisation.

PR agencies bring much needed flexibility to the system, especially as they are not a cog in the wheel of the company but an external entity that brings top notch results for all the reasons outlined above. If you have been debating the need for an in-house PR team and justifying the additional expenses to the organisation, a PR agency is certainly a better option.